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A fast-paced dramatic story set in Stirling, Scotland in the year 1543.

The Dowager tilted her head and regarded Meg with a speculative glint in her eye. ‘Do you now wish to reside in Scotland? To be with your father?’
Meg blinked. Nothing would persuade her to leave the sophisticated court of England for the wintry delights of Scotland. ‘I have fond feelings for both my father and Scotland, Madame,’ she lied. ‘I am here at his request.’ She deliberately softened the clipped English Madam to the French Madame and put the stress on the second syllable. ‘But I shall return south very soon.’

‘Even though the Earl of Lennox pays court to you?’ the Dowager enquired softly, a hint of mischief in her eyes.
Meg wondered who among the lady’s numerous confidants had passed on such information. It came to her at once - Father, of course. He would not have thought twice about spreading the word of such an advantageous match for his daughter. ‘I wish I could be as certain as you, Madame. Lord Lennox has spoken of marriage, but only in the vaguest terms. I fear he may never mention it again.’

A small buzz of amused comment ran through the listening ranks of courtiers. The Dowager offered a smile that did not reveal her teeth ‘It is possible the English King dangles you as a prize before Lord Lennox.’
The same thought had been lurking at the back of Meg’s mind. ‘I don’t know that I am any kind of a prize, Madame. More of a liability, if my father is to be believed.’

Undisguised amusement shone in the Dowager’s eyes. ‘Among our relatives in France, Lennox is known as an ambitious man,’ she said softly. ‘Marriage to you would take him within Henry’s family and the succession to the throne of England.’

Every member of the illustrious de Guise family served either the French king or God. They would have made it their business to know Lennox when he was resident in France. ‘I must remember that,’ Meg said, ‘when we have our first married argument.’

The Dowager rose from her chair and stepped from the dais. ‘Come, walk with me. Your mother welcomed me to Scotland. For her sake, I believe we may find friendship between us. And of course, I shall be pleased to hear of my husband’s youth.’

A historical novel set in the sixteenth century. PG 13
UK Kindle link: http://amzn.to/1wQTs7F

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