Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've been Derbyshire

We managed to go away this weekend for a flying visit over the border into deepest Derbyshire. It's a beautiful county if you love little woods, rivers, fields and 'curvy' landscapes - which we do. It's fertile and rich in history, too - ancient history with its sacred springs and more recent with its scattering of medieval, Tudor and Georgian houses, of which Chatsworth and Haddon Hall are two of the more famous.

We stayed (technically just over the county boundary in Staffordshire) at Mayfield Hall, where we had a room with a four poster - very comfortable and very high! - and a date of '1608' over the fireplace.

We roamed a little - to the pretty village of Tissington, with its holy wells that are dressed with flowers each spring, its ancient church and handsome hall. There was a craft fair on in the village hall, so of course the cash came out for fancy soaps, woodwork and a small framed print.

Otherwise we chilled out - watched the swifts, wandered the local paths and nipped into Ashbourne in the rain to have a look round and tuck away a tasty Chinese lunch.

I'm certainly looking at Derbyshire now as a setting for one of my novels!



Maggi Andersen said...

I'm so envious you can do that, Lindsay. I'm researching Tudor interiors for a novel I'm writing an it would be great to go there. Maybe next year.

margaret blake said...

Lindsay, when I lived in Manchester, Derbyshire was one of our stamping grounds. We used to go there for a day, or a weekend camping and walking. We always tried to go to the Well Dressing.

Lovely post, made me all nostalgic. I must go again one day.

Amy DeTrempe said...

I would love to be able to visit places like that. Someday I will (crossing fingers).

Keena Kincaid said...

Beautiful, photos, Lindsay. Now I wan to go bak to Derbyshire.

Joanna Waugh said...

Whenever I want a little getaway to England, I bring up Google Earth. I pick a place (usually related to my WIP) and get down to street level. Then I travel along the road as if I am really there.

It's a wonderful "fix" if you can't physically be there! And it gives you a 360 degree view of the area along the road. An important research tool!

ashbourne bed and breakfast said...

If you venture a bit further to the right, you enter the village of Thorpe. A very old hamlet dating back to 1055...originally a Viking settlement. Beautiful views and very private walks. Dovedale is just a bit further where Russell Crowe & Co. filmed parts of the latest Robin Hood film. Breathtaking hills, views and the River Dove. Magical places.