Monday, November 1, 2010

The Tapestry Shop by Joyce Elson Moore

The Tapestry Shop, by Joyce Elson Moore, is an historical novel based on the life of Adam de la Halle, a poet/musician who left behind a vast collection of secular compositions, including one which some say is the basis of the legend of Robin Hood, and that may well be, but being of Yorkshire descent, I like to believe that Robin Hood is an Englishman, not a Fenchman!

In all seriousness, and aside from the intrigue about the Robin Hood fable, I liked this book for the story. The medieval setting leaps from the page as we follow Adam's journey and that of Catherine, the woman he loves.

The writing isn't flawless, and at times it was a little silted in places, however the story flows well and the research is apparent.

I did like how the author gave both Adam and Catherine their own point of views, so the reader has the chance to know both characters well.

Fictional biographies is a favourite genre of mine and I was glad to read another one by an unknown author to me.

I highly recommend Joyce Elson Moore's novel, The Tapestry Shop to those who enjoy historical fiction.

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Marg said...

The more I hear about this book the more I want to read it.