Saturday, June 10, 2017

Cover Art For Different Countries

My publishers, Aria Fiction work hard in their efforts to bring titles to the attention of prospective readers to make them more appealing. One thing I learned during the editing process was how much research they do to ensure the titles and cover art are specific to international audiences.

United Kingdom v United States Covers

My editor contact me this week saying they are experimenting on the cover for the first in the Flora Maguire Mysteries to appeal to the US market. This includes a more atmospheric model and background, as well as reversion to my original title.

Their research showed that the word 'Secret' did far better in sales rankings on a book cover than the word 'Murder'  However the reverse is true in the United States. I also feel the use of the word 'Minneapolis' might have contributed to this decision as the novel is set on board a ship of that name which took first class passengers between London and New York in the early 20th Century.

I would be interested to know what the general opinion is  - do covers make a difference to choosing books depending upon the country where they are offered? Is there a gap between the type of novel American and English audiences like to read?

An interesting experiment - and if the publisher does go with the design on the right, I would be fascinated to discover it it makes any marked difference to sales. 

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