Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Matfen Affair

A New Release for those who like Regency Romance with a difference!

Leigh Fenwick is looking forward to being bridesmaid for her cousin Lucy, and isn't very pleased when a ghost invades her bedchamber on her first night in Lucy's home.

It doesn't help that her sister Amelia, in her autocratic way, has decided to pay an unaccompanied visit to her latest beau, Lord Felsham, who lives nearby. The rules of London Society may be less strict in the Northumberland countryside, but some things are just not done even there!

With a bridegroom who suffered a fall from his coach on the journey to his wedding, a demanding ghost and a tearful bride, Leigh hardly has time to think of her own romance with her childhood friend and confidante, but weddings, even when they are not your own, have a way of bringing emotions to the surface.

Pubished in February 2017 on Kindle, The Matfen Affair can be found at:

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