Friday, July 16, 2010

In line with the subject of that last post...

Rules to Engage a Gentleman's Interest

(If anyone can tell me where I got this piece, I'll send them an E-copy of my historical romance, The Macgregor's Daughter)

Observation #1: If a lady shows too much interest in a gentleman, he'll soon grow bored, and she'll find herself chasing after him.

Observation #2: Never pursue a gentleman. He would like nothing better. If you wish to win his heart, you mustn't dance to his tune.

Observation #3: If a gentleman is particularly stubborn, demonstrate that you can get along just fine without him. not express this thought out loud.

Observation #4: Allow your gentleman to suspect that he is not your first choice and unless he changes your opinon, he is merely a temporary distraction.

Observation #5: Never argue with a gentleman. It isn't proper or ladylike.

Observation #6: If another lady sets her mind on your gentleman, you must ignore her attempts to sway him. This can be very discouraging but take heart. Your cheerful indifference will likely annoy her.

Observation #7: When your gentleman asks to call on you, hesitate slightly.

Observation #8: Do not overindulge at the dinner table. Nothing is more frightening to a gentleman than envisioning his future with an enormously plump wife.

Observation #9: Use discrepancy in your first season but avoid selecting any one gentleman as the exclusive recipient of your favor. Instead, use your wits as well as your charm to encourage eager young gents to engage in harmless flirtations. Not only will this fill your dance card, it will make your heart race and leave a lovely blush upon your cheeks.


Lindsay Townsend said...

Lovely Dee! I especially like Observation 9!
(Mind you, I'd love to know how to dance.)

Dee Julian said...

It's never too late to learn, Lindsay! I met my husband at a country dance. It was Fate indeed!

Maggi Andersen said...

Amusing, Dee. Women have come a long way from this, thank heavens.