Sunday, October 4, 2015

Historical Reseach: Inside a Manor House

Another blog post on my visit to Normanby Hall, in North Lincolnshire. 

My visit was for research to help write my historical novels, which usually include a manor house or two! It is wonderful to walk in the past's shoes. To see the furniture used in the days of my characters. I can feel the atmosphere in my mind and absorb vibe of the era, which I hopefully transfer into my stories.

 This photo I took half way down the driveway, from the rad to the village. You can just see the gate posts right at the end. The drive continues to go through an avenue of trees until it passes the stables, then the trees finish to open up in a park in front of the house, see photo above. 

The entrance hall of the house is square with rooms coming off to the right and the staircase to the left. The above photo is taken from the doorway leading into the drawing room, which is shown in photos below.

Beautiful silk wallpaper

 Modernisation comes to the Hall.

 The Dining Room

The Library

Architect's table

Next time, I'll blog about the upstairs.

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