Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nano Through the Ages

November has historically become National Writers month. It is a time when writers and hope-to-be writers and folks who just want to be part of a fun event have the goal of writing 50,000 words in the 30 days of November. Many of us have a book we plan to write and this is our kick off. You tell the story that wants to be told and don't bother too much with grammar, point of view and those other aspects that make a book readable. That's just a short version. This week, those of us that are participating in Nano Wrimo are about 3/4 through -- if we are on goal. While it's fun and gratifying to hit that 50,000 mark in the 30 days, it is, for me, even more so to write a good story.

So as part of my own personal pep talk about it this week I thought about what would Nano Wrimo look like through the ages. What would our favorite authors say? Or famous personages. A few come to mind for me:

Cleopatra:  "Not now you asp, I will be Nanoing on the Nile."

Julius Cesear: "Nano Etu Brutae"

Helen of Troy: "Can we flee Greece next month, Paris? I'm penning my Nano this month."

Pythragorus: "The theorem is to scribe 1666 times 30 days"

Alexander Dumas: Which muskateer do you think would engage in Nano?

Shakespeare: "To Nano or not to Nano, that is the question."

Charles Dickens: "Maybe I have some more Nano please."

Patrick Henry: "Give me Nano or give me death."

Teddy Roosevelt "Nano."

The Apollo Landing "One small word for mankind, one giant step for Nano."

Okay, I'm getting silly but you get the idea.  Pick a historical figure or author and how would they view Nano?

Pick your favorite character and what would he or she have to say about it?


Maggi Andersen said...

I am two fools, I know, for loving(nano) and saying so.
- John Donne

Jana Richards said...

Rene Descartes - "I nano, therefore I am."

Good luck with your Nano project, Regan!


veronica towers said...

Sarah Derning Duchess of Allendale, "If only the Duke would stop renovating the house so that I may work on my Nano project!"
character from Only in Her Dreams

Mira Draken said...

"The only Nano I know of is that lovely Gipsy girl I met at the New Year bonfire in Spain some years ago..."